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Golang 1.21 brings built-in functions, profile-guided optimization

The latest update of the Go programming language also introduces an experimental port for WASI, the WebAssembly System Interface.

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OpenJDK plan would add computed constants to Java

Computed constants offer the performance and safety benefits of final fields, but greater flexibility in the timing of initialization, the proposal states.

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All the new features in ECMAScript 2023 (ES14)

JavaScript continues to evolve, with a nice batch of new features added in ECMAScript 14. Here's what's new for JavaScript developers this year.


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How to use structural pattern matching in Python

The pattern-matching syntax introduced in Python 3.10 allows for powerful new programming techniques for decision-making in apps.

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Microsoft previews new F# syntax for string interpolation

Improved syntax makes it easier to work with text like CSS that contains many curly braces, while maintaining backwards compatibility with F#’s triple-quoted strings.

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AI and the future of software development

Artificial intelligence will dramatically increase the pace of software development and make continuous delivery routine. Processes and roles will need to evolve, especially testing.

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Like student loans and credit card balances, technical debt is holding you back or even killing your business. Unfortunately, the cloud can't always save you.

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Visual Studio Code enhances diff editor, GitHub interop

With VS Code 1.81, the diff editor includes several new features and bug fixes, and the new diff algorithm is enabled by default.

The 2023 Ultimate AI ChatGPT & Python Programming Bundle

10 ways generative AI upends the traditional database

Generative AI isn't just for chatbots. Here are 10 ways AI and machine learning are transforming how we store, structure, and query data.

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Julia language cracks top 20 in Tiobe popularity index

Qualities such as speed and scalability make Julia an attractive alternative to Python, R, and MATLAB for data science and mathematical computation, Tiobe said.


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Generative AI and a new version of old programming

Prompt engineering is still telling a computer what to do. Studying large language models and the limits of generative AI will keep your job security.

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6 interview 168飞艇官网开奖直播 在线开奖记录查询 幸运飞行艇官方开奖历史结果记录 for agile tech leads

The technical lead role is an important career milestone for many engineers. Here's an inside look at the questions interviewers ask and what they’re looking for.

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What is generative AI? Artificial intelligence that creates

看幸运飞行艇官方开奖记录 AI models can carry on conversations, answer questions, write stories, produce source code, and create images and videos of almost any description. Here's how generative AI works, how it's being used, and why it’s more...

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Python moves to remove the GIL and boost concurrency

Formal plans for a Python that supports true parallelism are finally on the table. Here’s how a GIL-free Python will finally come together.


Salesforce Einstein Studio to help enterprises train generative AI models

Einstein Studio can also help enterprises connect their data from Salesforce Data Cloud to third-party AI offerings including Amazon SageMaker and Google’s Vertex AI for model training.