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Build custom actions for Power Automate for Windows

Bundled with Windows 11, Power Automate for Windows lets you wrap low-code workflows around your desktop applications. A new SDK supports custom actions.

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When low-code and no-code can accelerate app modernization

Could a low-code or no-code platform work for your application modernization scenario? Here's what you need to know.

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7 tech domains where low code is winning

No code and low code solutions are finding their footing in both familiar and unexpected places. Here's a look at the top tools and where they fit.


How is Creatio integrating ChatGPT into its Atlas low-code platform?

The integration of the ChatGPT connector into Creatio’s offerings will allow developers to build applications faster and help in customer-centric use cases such as providing assistance in writing emails and supporting customer support...

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Google’s Bard AI to take on GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer

Google’s generative AI offering is now capable of helping developers write and debug code in 20 programming languages including Python and Typescript, the company said.

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Why generative AI will turbocharge low-code and no-code development

The evolution of generative AI models will further lower barriers to using low-code and no-code development tools, and potentially lead to the birth of a whole new class of intelligent developer technology.

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Build AI apps faster with low-code and no-code

More businesses are embracing low- and no-code technologies to deploy machine learning and AI capabilities in their products. Here's how it's going.

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SAP to add more governance capability for low-code tool Build

The new feature, which will enable IT teams to monitor the usage, performance and data access to applications developed on Build, is likely to be added soon, the company said.

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Starburst adds low code and Warp Speed capabilities to Enterprise and Galaxy offerings

The new capabilities include a low-code interface, private preview of data products along with a data catalog, an environment that supports Python, and an indexing and caching solution called Warp Speed.

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Low-code DevOps Center aims to ease app development on Salesforce

Salesforce says that the new low-code product will make change-and-release management easier for developers planning and writing applications on its platform.

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Low-code development technologies market forecast to hit $44.5 billion by 2026

Hyperautomation and the move to optimize business processes are fueling uptake and sales for low-code development technologies, which will grow by 19% over the next four years to reach $44.5 billion by 2026, Gartner says.

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Airtable becomes latest company to announce layoffs, cutting 20% of its workforce

In an email sent to employees, the low-code platform’s CEO said the cuts were a result of “taking a hard look at our efforts in the current market environment.”

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Google's Vertex AI Vision brings no-code to computer vision

Vertex AI Vision combines video sources, machine learning models, and data warehouses to deliver rich insights and computer vision

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Review: Appsmith shines for low-code development on a budget

Appsmith presents a full palette of low-code development features in an accessible drag-and-drop environment. It shines as a free, open source option, with extra bells and whistles available for a price.

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Alation’s Connected Sheets brings data governance to spreadsheets

Connected Sheets, which can be accessed via the company’s Data Catalog, can be used to import or feed governed data from various sources into spreadsheets including Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

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SAP Build wields low-code for business apps, workflow automation

Cloud-based visual low-code and no-code development environment allows non-developers to create web apps, mobile apps, and automated business processes by dragging and dropping pre-built components.

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Microsoft relaunches Syntex with broad set of AI-based content management tools

Defining a new category of technology labeled “content AI,” Microsoft has relaunched Syntex with a set of artificial intelligence and low-code tools to automate content creation, indexing, and discovery.

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8 signs your low-code platform is overpromising and underdelivering

Despite the rapid rise in no-code/low-code platform usage, IT still has to step in too often. Watch for these red flags that mean these solutions aren't hitting the target.

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