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The 2023 Ultimate AI ChatGPT & Python Programming Bundle
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What is generative AI? Artificial intelligence that creates

Generative AI models can carry on conversations, answer questions, write stories, produce source code, and create images and videos of almost any description. Here's how generative AI works, how it's being used, and why it’s more...


Salesforce Einstein Studio to help enterprises train generative AI models

Einstein Studio can also help enterprises connect their data from Salesforce Data Cloud to third-party AI offerings including Amazon SageMaker and Google’s Vertex AI for model training.


Tame your wild LLM with TypeChat

Large language models mean not having to use complicated regular expression handlers to turn text into data. Using TypeChat, you can ensure that that data is type-safe JSON.

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Generative AI with LangChain, RStudio, and just enough Python

Here's how R users can get comfortable working with Python and LangChain, one of the hottest platforms for working with large language models.

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The tug-of-war between optimization and innovation in the CIO’s office

Should budget go to innovations or fixing existing systems so they don’t bankrupt you? The future of your business may ride on the answer.

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Low code AI with Power Apps and Power Automate

Microsoft's AI Builder introduces low-code generative AI capabilities to Power Apps and Power Automate. Let's see how the preview features stack up.

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Ease into similarity search with Google’s PaLM API

Learn how to use Google Cloud Vertex AI and the PaLM 2 large language model to create text embeddings and search text ranked by semantic similarity.

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The open source licensing war is over

It’s time for the open source Rambos to stop fighting and agree that developers care more about software’s access and ease of use than the purity of its license.

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The lost art of cloud application engineering

AI-driven coding is now in wide use, but we may not know all the risks of using it until the damage has been done. Think security problems and code that wastes resources.

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AWS updates Amazon Bedrock service with new large language models

Apart from adding new features to Amazon Bedrock, AWS has also launched a new generative AI service, dubbed AWS HealthScribe, to help automatically create clinical documentation.

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The power of process mining in Power Automate

Process mining is now part of Microsoft’s process automation suite, giving you the KPIs and visualizations you need to identify bottlenecks in both manual workflows and software processes.


AWS’ Entity Resolution service to help enterprises improve data quality

The machine learning-powered service, accessible via a no-code interface in the AWS Management Console, can be used to match data from multiple data lakes or AWS storage, the company said.

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How AI will impact the developer experience

Generative AI is not the first new technology that has changed how software developers work. While developers have nothing to fear, the stakes will be high for their employers.

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What can ChatGPT and LLMs really do for your business?

Large language models already are transforming industries such as financial services, healthcare, education, and government. But what’s hype and what’s yet to come?

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Microsoft unveils TypeChat library for building natural language interfaces

Open source library draws on TypeScript and type definitions to retrieve structured responses from AI models that are type-safe.

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GitHub Copilot Chat available in a preview for businesses

GitHub has made a beta release of its AI-powered coding chatbot available to all customers of GitHub Copilot for Business.

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Splunk’s new AI tools aim to ease security, observability tasks

The AI tools introduced at the company’s .conf2023 include the Splunk AI Assistant, Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit 5.4, Splunk App for Anomaly Detection, and the Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning 5.1.

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Meta lets loose second generation of Llama AI models

Meta says organizations can download Llama 2 for free, and run it wherever they wish, for research and commercial purposes. Microsoft and AWS are already hosting it.

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