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6 interview questions for agile tech leads

The technical lead role is an important career milestone for many engineers. Here's an inside look at the questions interviewers ask and what they’re looking for.

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Why software developers prefer DORA metrics

Software engineering teams have tried all sorts of ways to measure the software development process and developer productivity. Here’s why DORA metrics are becoming the industry standard.

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5 CTOs on the collaboration tools they use most

CTOs use a variety of collaboration and productivity tools to drive organizational success. Here are the top picks from five IT leaders.

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The new high-paying jobs in generative AI

The push to adopt generative AI in the cloud will lead to new roles and needed skills, and enterprises will likely pay top dollar.

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Downsides to using cloud autoscaling systems

Too many IT shops just accept that autoscaling systems are right for them, at least until the massive cloud bill arrives.

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Are cloud architects biased?

Many cloud leaders prefer one technology selection over another, to the detriment of the business. It’s time we learn to be much more objective.

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Don't overlook attack surface management

As cloud computing becomes a scarier place given the rise in threats, it’s time to focus on the basics of ASM that safeguard cloud applications and data.

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Developer-focused portal Stack Overflow lays off 10% of staff

The job cuts are a result of the company’s renewed focus on profitability due to macroeconomic concerns, according to CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar.

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Databricks doubles down in India with staff hires, new R&D hub

The company, which has a global workforce of 5,000 people, will increase its staff count in India by 50%, a top executive said.

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When cloud pros fumble office politics

Dealing with humans may be more important than dealing with technology, especially now that many IT people are returning to in-person work.

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How to succeed with cloud computing during an economic downturn

Many say to cut cloud computing in a slowing economy, but it's not that simple. Use these strategic moves to position yourself to lead the recovery.

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If you want a career in AI, learn Python

Skills with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and large language models are very much in demand across a variety of industries.

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9 qualities of a successful CTO

Five CTOs discuss the challenges in their field and the personal and professional qualities that are critical to their success.

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How to test your B2B startup idea

If you are furloughed and forlorn by layoffs now may be the perfect time to start your own B2B startup. Here is how you do it.

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Docker’s bad week

Instead of focusing on the poorly communicated decision to sunset Free Teams, look at the company’s overall direction to focus on what developers want.

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Developers, unite! Join the fight for code quality

Advocating for quality code isn’t always easy, because management doesn’t always care. But it’s the only way to build good things that deliver on their promise.

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Tibco's Spotfire 12.2 release adds streaming and data science tools

The latest iteration of Spotfire makes it an end-to-end data visualization and analytics platform combining data science, streaming and data management tools.

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Cloud computing is driving a new gig economy in tech

A quiet revolution is going to change the way cloud work gets done. After being laid off, many people are starting their own businesses as cloud pros for hire.

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