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All the new features in ECMAScript 2023 (ES14)

JavaScript continues to evolve, with a nice batch of new features added in ECMAScript 14. Here's what's new for JavaScript developers this year.

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How to use structural pattern matching in Python

The pattern-matching syntax introduced in Python 3.10 allows for powerful new programming techniques for decision-making in apps.

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Microsoft previews new F# syntax for string interpolation

Improved syntax makes it easier to work with text like CSS that contains many curly braces, while maintaining backwards compatibility with F#’s triple-quoted strings.

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Julia language cracks top 20 in Tiobe popularity index

Qualities such as speed and scalability make Julia an attractive alternative to Python, R, and MATLAB for data science and mathematical computation, Tiobe said.

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Python moves to remove the GIL and boost concurrency

Formal plans for a Python that supports true parallelism are finally on the table. Here’s how a GIL-free Python will finally come together.

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Generative AI with LangChain, RStudio, and just enough Python

Here's how R users can get comfortable working with Python and LangChain, one of the hottest platforms for working with large language models.

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Intro to Nest.js: The higher-order JavaScript and TypeScript server

Nest.js shines for its modern programming paradigms and modular approach to server-side JavaScript and TypeScript. Here's a hands-on intro.

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What is PyPy? Faster Python without pain

PyPy is a drop-in replacement for the stock Python interpreter, and it runs many times faster on some Python programs.

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6 performance tips for Entity Framework Core 7

Take advantage of these EF Core performance tips to speed up data access in your .NET applications.

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Reactive programming with RxJava

ReactiveX is one of the most established frameworks for reactive programming, and RxJava is its Java-based implementation. Let's see what we can do with RxJava.

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Get started with Python type hints

Learn how to use Python’s optional type-hinting syntax to create cleaner and more useful code.

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Microsoft unveils TypeChat library for building natural language interfaces

Open source library draws on TypeScript and type definitions to retrieve structured responses from AI models that are type-safe.

Reactive programming, event streams

What is reactive programming? Programming with event streams

You could say reactive programming is like functional programming with superpowers. Let's take a look at this dynamic programming style.

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JDK 21: The new features in Java 21

Java 21 enters the home stretch with 15 finalized features including virtual threads, a generational ZGC, and a key encapsulation mechanism API.

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How to handle null values in C#

Null pointer exceptions are no fun. You can avoid them and keep your code clean and maintainable by using these techniques to elegantly handle null values in C#.

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Reactive Java with Spring WebFlux and Reactor

Spring WebFlux is one of the most popular frameworks for reactive programming in Java. Here's a hands-on look at using WebFlux with Reactor.

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How to use Python’s py launcher for Windows

Take control of multiple Python installations in Windows with the py launcher, available as part of a standard Python installation.

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C# 12 boosts AOT compilation

Latest C# 12 preview introduces an experimental feature that allows generators to reroute code to provide context-specific optimization.

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