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The 2023 Ultimate AI ChatGPT & Python Programming Bundle
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AWS’ Entity Resolution service to help enterprises improve data quality

The machine learning-powered service, accessible via a no-code interface in the AWS Management Console, can be used to match data from multiple data lakes or AWS storage, the company said.

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Teradata acquires Stemma to boost AI-based data search for analytics

Stemma offers integrations with data warehouses, business intelligence tools, collaboration software and security tools.

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How to use GPT as a natural language to SQL query engine

A few strategic decisions can help improve your generative AI code and queries, and prevent sending out sensitive data.

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Why Raft-native systems are the future of streaming data

While Apache Kafka is slowly introducing KRaft to simplify its approach to consistency, systems built on Raft show more promise for tomorrow’s hyper-gig workloads.

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How to use GPT-4 with streaming data for real-time generative AI

For businesses and their customers, the answers to most questions rely on data that is locked away in enterprise systems. Here’s how to deliver that data to GPT model prompts in real time.

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Data should be a first-class citizen in the cloud

Without proper data governance, interoperability, and access control, enterprises have no hope of maximizing the business value of their data.

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How Databricks is adding generative AI capabilities to its Delta Lake lakehouse

The Delta Lake updates aim at helping data professionals create generative AI capabilities for their enterprise with foundation models from MosaicML and Hugging Face, among others.

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Databricks Delta Lake 3.0 to counter Apache Iceberg tables

The updates in Delta Lake 3.0 include a new universal table format, dubbed UniForm, a Delta Kernel, and liquid clustering to improve data read and write performance.

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Snowflake updates target generative AI demand from enterprises

While Snowpark Container Services and an Nvidia partnership will help enterprises manage large language models, Streamlit and Git updates are squarely aimed at easing developers’ tasks.

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6 key features of SingleStore Kai for MongoDB

SingleStore Kai for MongoDB brings real-time analytics to JSON documents by translating MongoDB queries onto SQL statements that are executed on SingleStoreDB. No changes to schema, data, or queries required.

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Databricks’ $1.3 billion MosaicML acquisition to boost generative AI offerings

Databricks will add MosaicML's model-training capabilities to its lakehouse platform.

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MongoDB Atlas updates focus on simplifying developer tasks

Updates include support for additional programming languages on AWS, easier installation of Atlas’ Kubernetes Operator, and a new Kotlin driver.

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MongoDB adds vector search to Atlas database to help build AI apps

In addition to integrating Google Cloud’s Vertex AI foundation models, MongoDB is adding features aimed at making Atlas a complete developer data platform.

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Update or migrate? Planning for MySQL 5.7 EOL

Come October 2023, MySQL 5.7 will no longer receive updates or security patches. It’s time to understand your options and plan for the path ahead.

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Databricks takes on Snowflake, MongoDB with new Lakehouse Apps

Databricks has also updated its Marketplace to allow enterprises to share AI models while monetizing them, the company said.

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Aerospike’s new Graph database to support both OLAP and OLTP workloads

The new database adds a property graph data model to the existing capabilities of its NoSQL Database and Apache TinkerPop graph compute engine.

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DataStax adds Schema GPT Translator to Apache Pulsar-based Astra Streaming

The new Schema GPT Translator is designed to free developers to focus on other aspects real-time data pipelines instead of coping with the time-consuming process of manually creating schema mappings.

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DataStax, Google partner to bring vector search to NoSQL AstraDB

The two companies are also partnering to launch an open source project, CassIO, aimed at making Apache Cassandra more compatible with AI and large language model workloads.

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