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Shift left for SaaS: More DIY means happier users

Enabling SaaS users to perform admin tasks themselves using self-service portals or APIs not only reduces the stress on IT admins, but also improves the productivity and satisfaction of workers.

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Using Microsoft Azure’s Prometheus monitoring with Kubernetes

Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus smooths the way to multi-cluster monitoring across Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Arc-hosted Kubernetes, and on-prem Kubernetes deployments.

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GitLab Dedicated offers single-tenant, SaaS-based devsecops

Service hosted and managed by GitLab is geared to users with strict compliance requirements such as isolation, data residency, and private networking.

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How Grafana made observability accessible

Now 10 years old, the open source passion project that made observability open and composable continues to simplify life for developers.

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JetBrains adds to Aqua testing IDE

Added support for Playwright and Cypress improves testing and debugging.

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The 5 most essential technologies for enterprises today

Five CTOs share their insights on the most strategic cutting-edge tools and technologies behind the innovation and competitiveness of their companies.

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What is GitHub Actions? Automated CI/CD for GitHub

GitHub Actions is an automated CI/CD platform that integrates with GitHub to create seamless, versatile CI/CD pipelines. Here's how it works.

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5 best practices for software development partnerships

Partnerships can accelerate technological innovation in agile, devops, and data science. Just make sure you start with a strong foundation in place.

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How to reduce your devops tool sprawl

After a decade of software development and operations teams embracing every ‘right tool for the job,’ it’s time to start tool consolidation efforts. Here’s where to start.

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Why platform engineering?

The shift from devops to platform engineering could be transformational. Here's why and what's involved in making the leap.

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What is platform engineering? Evolving devops

Platform engineering is a newer way of doing devops that uses centralized tools and data to put developers at the center of the action. Here's how it works.

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Meta open-sources ‘significantly faster’ build system

Buck2 is a large-scale build system written in Rust and designed for speed. Builds complete twice as fast as with Buck1, the company says.

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3 common myths about sustainability and cloud computing

As sustainability becomes a front-and-center topic for enterprises, stubborn misconceptions about the power consumption of cloud-based deployments need debunking.

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Splunk adds new security and observability features

New security and observability features will be added to Splunk Mission Control and its Observability Cloud to identify threats and incidents more efficiently, the company said.

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What is Jenkins? The CI server explained

Jenkins offers a simple way to set up a continuous integration and continuous delivery environment for almost any combination of languages and source code repositories.

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Career paths for devops engineers and SREs

Engineers can use devops as a springboard to architecture, data science, provisioning, machine learning, security, and other fields that need experts.

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The good and bad of 'zero-touch' cloud operations

We’re getting closer to true zero-touch cloud operations, or so we keep hearing. Take a clear-eyed look at the advantages and disadvantages before jumping in.

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Why observability in dataops?

Because building reliable data pipelines is hard, and the first step to becoming a data-driven organization is trusting your data.

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